A Thriving Business

    Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar Bar

    The Lavender Rabbit is a thriving olive oil and balsamic vinegar bar based in Erie, PA. Step into our tasting room and sample the exquisite flavors we offer. Our vinegars are all imported from Modena, Italy while our oils are imported from Spain, Peru, Italy, and the US. Shop owner Susan Marshall bottles the items at our store.

    Enticing Aromas and Flavors

    Visit The Lavender Rabbit today and see how Susan's unique elegance and charm manifest in our store. She has thoroughly researched all products and selected only the finest and freshest to feature in our olive oil and balsamic vinegar bar. With her help, you will learn new ways to elevate your cooking skills.

    Try Some Samples in Our Tasting Room

    While we have been in business for a little over a year, our owner Susan runs The Lavender Rabbit with expertise coming from her diversified background in the industry. For your convenience, our shop features a refilling station for our oils and vinegars to help you save on some varieties. Step into our tasting room and take your palate on a whimsical adventure and develop a better appreciation for gourmet dishes.